As an Indigenous organization, White Buffalo Coffee Co. recognizes the importance of conducting business in 'Good Relations'.

We are aligned with the following certifications to ensure our work contributes to a holistic economy, protects the environment, and honours our traditions:


White Buffalo Coffee Co. offers a range of Fairtrade coffees.

By choosing Fairtrade coffee, you’re supporting more than 750,000 coffee farmers in being fairly compensated, addressing the impacts of climate change, and investing in their farms and communities.

Planting Trees with
One Tree Planted

Coffee plants are especially susceptible to the impacts of climate change. These include rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and pest & disease outbreaks.

To counter these effects, we support One Tree Planted in planting trees around the world. By purchasing our coffee, you too can support global reforestation efforts.


Our own, unique values based on the Seven Grandfather Teachings.

We believe in the principle “Food is Medicine” and ensuring that all of our products are fairtrade and sustainably sourced.