Our Guiding Principles

Love, Bravery, Honesty, Wisdom, Humility, Truth & Respect

The Seven Grandfather Teachings are a foundation of beliefs and values that we pass down to guide us towards restoring our cultural values and beliefs, and be inclusive in our business practices.

Many Indigenous organizations and communities have adopted these seven grandfather teachings as guiding principles, in one form or another, as moral stepping stones and cultural foundations.

Each has adapted the teachings to suit their community values. Despite where the teachings may have originated, they share the same concepts of abiding by a moral respect for all living things.


Love is the gift from the Eagle.

Love is a force that is undeniable. With love, all things are possible. It is everyone’s right to have and to experience it. It is symbolic of fire and the Creator. Man is incapable of understanding the Creator; so in turn, he gave us a way to experience love and enjoy love through our children. In a world where you can be anything, be kind and loving.


The Bear carries bravery.

We seek the strength and courage to face our greatest enemy: oneself. The bear will give us the understanding to seek resolution through spiritual intervention: spiritual healing to deal with anger, pain and ourselves. Bravery above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.


Honesty is carried by the Sabe.

It is from within and not to confused with truth (law). In reality, there are no “ifs or buts”. There can only be honesty if one is to survive. In the wilderness, one either knows survival, or one does not. Mans’ treatment of the environment that supports him is destined to fail which feeds upon our future generations. Honesty brings power.


The Beaver carries wisdom.

Wisdom is not to be confused with knowledge. Wisdom is the gained experience while knowledge is to know the difference and accept responsibility and accountability. When one pollutes the water, one does not break a human law, but the law of nature, which states that to poison the water, is to destroy oneself. Knowledge speaks, Wisdom listens…


The Wolf carries humility.

Central to the wolf is the family pack. To ensure survival, the pack must be as one. In the wolf pack, each member understands his individual role and in our individual lives humility becomes the factor which allows us to ask for guidance humbly. There is no respect for others without humility in ones self first.


The Turtle carries truth.

Truth is symbolic of law and principle. Since the beginning of time the turtle has not changed. The turtle has been chosen to be the bearer of truth. The turtle has been able to adapt to change without changing; thus he represents truth. He also represents time. His shell has thirteen plates, symbolizing the thirteen moons in one year. All truths are easy to understand once discovered: the point is to discover them


Respect is the gift from the Buffalo.

In all life, respect is the first and foremost. Respect oneself and respect will be bestowed (i.e. treat your body with respect and it will look after itself; treat it with poison and it will destroy itself). Respect for other’s feelings may mean nothing to you, but everything to them. It is not imposed nor begged. It is earned and offered

Smudge Certified

Blessing of our elders to guide our journey and commitment to the Seven Grandfather Teachings.

It is with the afore mentioned principles practiced by White Buffalo Coffee Company that we share our vision, the path of diversity and inclusion and positive energy in restoring the art of conversation over a great cup coffee.