Indigenous Coffee Company

In the Beginning

In 2006, Sean Harding and Paul Biglin founded the Spirit Bear Coffee Company. In 2018, they created another Indigenous coffee brand, the White Buffalo Coffee Company. 


Spirit Bear Coffee was to qualify for an “RFP” that the Canadian Government had issued for the military under the “5% Inclusion” commitment to procure from Indigenous companies. After 3 months of paperwork and many samples going out to many departments for approval, in the small print they (the government) advised us that there had to be another Indigenous coffee company to compete with…

At the time, we were the only Indigenous coffee company until...

White Buffalo Coffee Company was created to share the energy, strength and power within the message of the Seven Teachings

Significance of the White Buffalo

Bison/Buffalo have always been essential for First Nations people for everything from food to clothes, shelter, tools and more. The significance of a White Buffalo comes from the Legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, a beautiful woman dressed in white who appeared during a time of great famine. She spoke of seven sacred rites and turned into a white bison calf, then disappeared. Shortly after, herds of bison began returning, ending the famine.

White Buffalo are a rare sight, one in a million, and it is usually attributed to a rare recessive gene similar to those in the Spirit Bears of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia.

About the Coffee

Working closely with indigenous farmers across many countries is something that is integral to White Buffalo Coffee Company's past and future. When it is not possible to buy direct, coffee is sourced through experienced  green bean buyers; these companies must be aware of the social and environmental issues in the areas they work.

 As coffee is seasonal product, we rotate our selection to ensure you are only tasting the freshest beans possible. Our coffee is roasted with transparency in mind; as we prefer our quality to speak for itself and always strive to accentuate its inherent flavours.   

About the Founders

The founders of White Buffalo Coffee Company have been developing coffee profiles since 2006 and now work with artisans throughout traditional territories and the most technologically advanced, eco-friendly roasters.

Our original founder, Robin, is of First Nations descent from the Ktunaxa Nation, which encompasses territories in both Canada and the USA. Robin served 12 years in the United States Marine Corps and became one of the most highly decorated First Nations Marines of his age. While in the corps, he attended UCLA and National University where he achieved two MBA’s, one in Business and one in International Business.

Upon leaving the marine corps, Robin used his education as an independent consultant in the business community. Later, he was elected to the Ktunaxa Nation Council and Lower Kootenay Band Council, and was then hired as director of economic development and investment planning.